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Oppression: The Holocaust


So today I went to a Holocaust Museum during school through a leadership program I’m a part of.

One of the things we got to do was listen to the story of a survivor.

She was only four years old when she was taken to a concentration camp where she was there for three years until she was…

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Concept The Disappearing Package

As package designers, one of the toughest reality we have to face each day is that all of our beautiful wonderful packaging ends up in the dump at a rate of 70 million tons per year (that’s US alone!)

Aaron Mickelson developed 5 different concepts that explores the idea of packages that produces no waste at all as part of his masters thesis at Pratt Institute.

"The Disappearing Package is a collection of five concepts, developed for my masters thesis at Pratt Institute, that all follow a basic rule: When you’re done with the product, there’s no package left to throw away. Obviously none of these solutions are perfect, but that’s not what they were meant to be. Ideas like The Disappearing Package are the beginning of a conversation—one that will hopefully end in a world without packaging waste."

Designed by Aaron Mickleson, New York

Source: The Dieline